Published by Bernard on 16 Apr 2019

Basement (Chain Reaction. April 13, 2019)

The ability of music to bring people together is a very powerful thing. Whether it came from a band that traveled halfway around the world or a band that traveled down the freeway, music brought wall-to-wall fans out to Chain Reaction.

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Published by Bernard on 23 Mar 2019

Hot Water Music – “Caution” (the Echoplex. March 21, 2019)

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Hot Water Music set up a tour to play their albums “Caution” and “No Division” in full. These albums have become a living soundtrack for many over the years, and the jam-packed Echoplex showed just how important these songs and this band are to their fans.

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Published by Bernard on 08 Feb 2019

Thursday – “Full Collapse” (Chain Reaction. January 30, 2019)

How often can you see one of your favorite bands play one of your favorite albums in full? In a venue that helped shape your younger years? AND on your birthday?

I may not have gotten candles, but Thursday helped blow the lights out!

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Published by Bernard on 11 Dec 2018

Minus the Bear: the Farewell Tour (the Observatory. December 10, 2018)

Minus the BearOver the years I’ve seen many bands hang up the microphones. Sometimes there was an announcement after time away, sometimes there was just an assumption of the end… but every now and then there would be a farewell tour – a chance to share in memories and emotions for one last time. Thankfully, Minus the Bear gave their fans that chance. And with the Observatory in Santa Ana packed up, Minus the Bear enjoyed their final southern California show.

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Published by Bernard on 20 Nov 2018

Thrice (HOB: Las Vegas. November 16, 2018)


The bright lights of the Las Vegas casinos are a lure. Whether it’s gambling or entertainment that brings you to town, you’re sure to find plenty of it. 3 Southern California bands added themselves to the Vegas show potpourri by gracing the stage of the House Of Blues.

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